Our Investigation Process

Step 1

Not sure what to do with a complaint?

If required, we offer a free listening consultation service with the view to providing some insight as to the size and extent of the matter you are presented with. This would include providing advice as to how to best proceed to resolve the matter.

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Step 2

Investigation or workplace resolution intervention, what is that all about?

If you have decided to engage our services, either by way of investigation or a workplace resolution specialist to move the matter to the next phase will require a detailed documented investigation or project approach, including a comprehensive fee proposal.

During this phase, the matter will be assessed, coded and categorised using industry accepted standards, and will include advice about any external referrals to oversight bodies that may be required. During the assessment you will also be provided with advice concerning any risks posed, risk intervention strategies and management plans.

Securing evidence at this time is critical, so we will provide the necessary advice concerning this aspect and provide assistance where we are able to maintain the integrity of any investigation.

Step 3

The process proper

Once engaged, an investigator will work with you and develop an investigation plan. The investigation will commence, and interviews will be undertaken with all relevant parties including complainant(s), witnesses, and subject officer(s).

For employee relations and workplace resolution matters, a consultant will work with you to develop an intervention and resolution strategy to suit the needs of the parties involved and the business requirements to bring any workplace disputes to a timely closure.

Step 4

Outcome and Review

To close out a process you will be provided with a report detailing the findings of fact which in turn provides you with the quality instrument to take the next steps to address the conduct or to conclude the matter as necessary.

It is important to undertake a review into a lesson-learned activity from any such process. To this end, you will be provided with details of any systemic issues, process failures or any other workplace matter that may require managerial correction or intervention to address any underlying workplace dysfunction or wrongdoing.

What it’s like working with us

At BRPM Projects, we pride ourselves on delivering quality investigatory work, every time. The best place to hear what it’s like working with us, is from the words of our clients. Here is what some of our clients (who were happy with us to share their comments publicly) have had to say.

You can also learn more about BRPM Projects and our approach on our ‘About Us’ page.

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