Investigation Support Services

Expert support across investigation assessment and planning, Investigation Report reviews and Written Submission review reports to ensure your investigation process and assessments are compliant and sound.

Our investigation support services

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BRPM Projects provide investigation support services to clients across Queensland in two key areas:

1. The preliminary stage of the complaints management process in triaging complaints, with our Complaint Assessment services.

2. The provision of alternative solutions to conducting workplace or education sector investigations. These alternatives include options such as:

In addition to these investigation support services, we also offer complete start-to-finish workplace investigations and education sector investigations, as well as consultation services to guide you through your internal investigations processes.

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Complaint Assessment services

A complaint assessment involves:

A complaint assessment also aids in determining:

At BRPM Projects, we provide professional and thorough complaint assessment services that will help you assess the complaint and identify the best course of action moving forward to deal with it correctly while following proper processes for compliance and risk management.

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Review of Written Submission report

We can provide assistance in initially requesting a Written Submission from the employee or subject of a complaint or grievance on your behalf, and in reviewing that written response we provide a report on the review.

What is a written submission, and when is it required?

In situations where it is determined a full workplace or education sector investigation is not warranted; and the most appropriate way to address the issue, complaint or grievance, is via a request for a written submission.

We can engage the employee (the subject of a workplace issue, complaint or grievance, otherwise known as the subject officer) on your behalf, and request a ‘written submission’ in response to the allegation(s) raised.

The purpose is then to review the written response of the subject officer and all other relevant information, to determine the appropriate action required for the matter, if any.

Our Written Submission report service comprises the preparation of a report which details the review of the written submission.

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Review of Investigation Report

When an investigation is conducted internally, on occasion the internal resource assigned to conduct the investigation may have had limited investigative experience. In other situations, the allegations can be multifaceted / complex in nature.

In these circumstances, we can provide support to your investigation by reviewing your (internal) investigation report.

The purpose is to review the internal investigation report and attachments and consider whether the processes undertaken in conducting the investigation are in line with your organisation’s current guidelines; or for the Public Service, whether the CCC’s “Corruption in Focus”, are sufficiently covered.

The review also considers whether:

Our Review of investigation report service comprises the preparation of a Review of Investigation Report, as well as our actual review of the investigation.

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Our seasoned professional investigators at BRPM Projects are experts with over 20 years of specialty experience in workplace investigations and education sector investigations. Reach out to us today to learn more about our investigation support, review and reporting services to ensure your investigation is compliant and sound.