Investigation Consultant Services

Expert guidance from seasoned investigators, support you through your investigation processes.

We mentor, guide and corroborate with you throughout your investigations

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BRPM Projects offer and provide consulting services to mentor, guide and corroborate with you through your internal investigation processes.

We can provide consultation and support throughout your investigations, with:

Our consulting services are available to businesses, agencies and organisations in Brisbane and around Queensland. Book a free consultation with a seasoned investigations expert today.

How we support you

Our consulting services

Expert guidance and support through internal investigations

In situations where the services of an external workplace or education sector investigation are not required, your organisation may require support and guidance with the internal investigation.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of investigators can provide assistance and advice to ensure a thorough, fair and procedurally sound investigation is conducted in accordance with legislative, policy and procedural requirements.

You’ll benefit from:

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Integrity advice

On occasion, you or your workplace may be faced with situations whereby there may be no clear pathway as to how you or the business unit should best respond to a matter.

In such situations, it is vital that management seek independent integrity advice concerning:

At BRPM Projects, we offer confidential and privileged integrity advice upon request. It should be noted that for some matters, professional legal advice may also be required. Please ensure that you do seek legal advice where it may be required and whenever in doubt.

Policy / Process review and development

We can conduct a review of your organisation’s existing Complaints Management; Investigations Management; or Code of Conduct & Standard of Practice policies and processes to ensure compliance with legal, organisational and contemporary best practice requirements; and that they reflect the organisation’s vision and values.

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Get expert investigation advice and support when you need it

Our seasoned professional investigators at BRPM Projects are fully qualified, licenced and highly experienced in workplace investigations across all sectors including the education sector. Get expert investigations support, advice and guidance for your investigation to ensure the process runs smoothly and compliantly, and that help is on-call when you need it. Book a free initial consultation with an expert with over 20 years of specialist experience to learn more about how we can assist.