About BRPM Projects

About us

BRPM Projects are the trusted professionals when it comes to workplace and education sector investigations. We offer complete start-to-finish investigations, investigation support services and consulting services.

We provide a fully outsourced solution to our clients, where the whole investigation process is conducted by an independent investigator external to your organisation to ensure procedural fairness is not compromised and to avoid any inference concerning a perceived, potential or actual conflict of interest.

Our professional and seasoned investigators conduct investigations in accordance with legislative, policy and procedural requirements, whilst ensuring confidentiality and compliance with legal and ethical guidelines and apply the principles of natural justice and procedural fairness.

BRPM Projects are professional, ethical and customer focused and strive to deliver exceptional customer service to all our clients.

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Our Philosophy

Honesty and Integrity

At BRPM Projects, we believe in a simple philosophy “honesty and integrity in all our dealings”. This philosophy is an integral part of our business.

For us, it is important that our clients are comfortable in the thought that their investigation is conducted with the utmost level of professionalism and, more importantly, in compliance with legal and ethical guidelines. This approach to investigations assists you; our client, in managing your reputational risk.

We pride ourselves on being a local Queensland business you can trust, with a reputation for transparency, honesty and integrity, while taking an ethical approach to everything we do.

We commit to agreed timeframes and keep you regularly informed at each stage of the investigation process. You can also be rest assured that our investigators will always follow due process, ensure confidentiality and do everything that is required legally and procedurally.

Led by a wealth of niche experience

Daryn Prior

Our lead investigator and Managing Director, Daryn Prior, is a licenced Private Investigator with over 20 years of investigative experience, a member of numerous prominent industry bodies and associations, and a Professional MAHRI member, with:

Daryn has advanced interview and investigatory techniques and specialised skills in workplace and education sector investigations.

Daryn Prior
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Personable and professional

Our approach to investigations

BRPM Projects takes a personable yet professional approach to our investigations, drawing on vast expertise and extensive background in workplace and education sector investigations.

We provide a fair, balanced and transparent investigation through the application of natural justice and procedural fairness principles and adopt a human-centred approach to those involved in the interview process. We focus on making the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible for all employees involved.

Why choose us

What makes BRPM Projects the best choice?

We focus on providing a service that is:

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Committed to providing a seamless service

A focus on being the best

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and doing business that focuses on the best experience for our clients and their employees involved in the investigation / interview process.

At BRPM Projects, we work hard to grow business through strengthened partnerships with our clients. We are committed to providing a seamless service and outsourced solution for our client’s workplace and education sector investigations. It’s why our clients speak so highly of our services and are our biggest referrers.

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Flexible and able to travel to you in QLD

At BRPM Projects, we provide flexibility in our service delivery, with both on-site and online options, or a combination of both, based on your needs and preferences.

Our seasoned investigators are happy to travel to you on-site, wherever you are in Queensland. In fact, we prefer this; as on-site, in-person interviews allow us to build rapport, create a greater sense of ease with interviewees, and also gives us valuable insight into non-verbal cues during interviews.

Associated with these prominent industry bodies:

Our initial consultation is free

One of the things that makes us different in our industry is that our initial consultation is free. Book your free consultation to get started. We will then contact you to arrange a free, no-obligation, confidential chat about your matter and provide advice on the best way forward, along with how we can help.