Education Sector Investigations

Professional investigations for schools and the education sector, with over 20 years of experience.

We specialise in investigations within the Education Sector

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BRPM Projects specialise in the niche area of education sector investigations in Brisbane and across Queensland.

Our seasoned investigators have a wealth of experience in this field, with vast experience in dealing with matters of alleged student harm caused by employees and other employee misconduct matters in the education sector.

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Our investigators are

Experienced in working with children and young people

We are experienced in working with children and young people of all ages, across a number of highly sensitive matters. Our investigators tailor their approach and communication style based on the receptiveness and the age of each person interviewed. We will even adapt our attire to help put younger children at ease during discussions.

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Why an investigation?

About education sector investigations

The matter of conducting investigations into the conduct of employees of an educational facility or educational services provided to students in an educational facility is complex.

Conducting investigations in the education sector will be influenced and be dependent on a range of factors such as:

At BRPM Projects, our seasoned professional investigators have over 20 years of specialist experience in investigations into school and education sector workplaces. We are experienced in navigating these factors and other specifics of investigations into education and employee related student harm matters. We do so with precision, expertise and tact.

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We Are Trusted Professionals

What education sector investigations we conduct

At BRPM Projects, each case will be assessed on its own merits, but broadly what we can investigate is:

Our investigators have a deep understanding of workplaces across industries, workplace investigations, the education sector, and conducting investigations into matters of alleged student harm caused by employees and other employee misconduct matters.

The vast expertise of our investigators into the niche area of education sector investigations means that when you engage BRPM Projects for your investigation, you can be assured that it will be done efficiently, sensitively and compliantly.

What we cannot investigate

What BRPM Projects cannot investigate or become involved in are:

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legislation and compliance

Relevant licensing for above-board investigations

We take legislation and compliance seriously, and ensure we are fully licenced and up to date with everything we do.

BRPM Projects as a whole and our individual investigators have all the certifications and licencing required to lawfully conduct investigations.

This includes:

We also have all of the insurance necessary to ensure a seamless investigation for all involved.

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We take privacy and confidentiality seriously

At BRPM Projects we are fully aware of the sensitive and extremely private and confidential nature of many of the investigations we conduct. We take privacy and confidentiality very seriously and ensure strict compliance is maintained during and after an investigation.

Get help from an education sector investigation expert

With over 20 years of niche experience specialising in education sector investigations, our seasoned professionals at BRPM Projects can run your complete investigation from start to finish, or provide the support you need. Book a free and confidential consultation with one of our experts today and let us take care of your investigation.